Vigilant over its market, Gepix anticipates the renewal of its technologies through the migration of its products, guaranteeing timely continuity and coherence of the entire software.  Maintenance of the applications perpetuates your investment, without harming your data, while enriching the functionality of the product.


  • Business intelligence

User-friendly decision-making tools centralize information and permit the dynamic exploitation of company data.  Without programming knowledge, management can rapidly access information and produce statements and tables necessary for decision-making.

  • Accounting management

Accounting is at the heart of a company's financial system.  Integrated or interfaced with Geplog, accounting and payment applications feed the company's information system. 

  • Workshop organization

The software Starplan, integrated in Geplog, optimizes workshop flux through production              organization, with a finite capacity, according to the constraints imposed.  It permits the selection of the best planning strategy thanks to powerful simulation functions.



Using external resources, we relay the know-how of specialized partners, developing the best solutions associated with the Geplog environment:  servers, networks (wired, radio), workshop terminals, bar-code readers, remote access...


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