• Needs analysis : you benefit from a custom-tailored solution.  Gepix creates a common methodology and defines it's limits of intervention.
  • Technical recommendation :  within the scope of its intervention, you'll benefit from Gepix' expertise acquired from many diverse projects and coordinated with both external and internal associated services, guaranteeing the respect of your project budget and planning.
As a joint partnership, Gepix executes the installation of IT software
For greater efficiency, Gepix assures the training of the system administrator and all users.
To facilitate the initiation of your new integrated management system, Gepix assists you with the presence of an on-site project leader.
Remote user assistance (hotline), tele-maintenance, provision of new software versions.  In all circumstances, you benefit from the availablity and reactivity of a multi-faceted professional  team.
If necessary, Gepix will execute your specific requests, thereby establishing pertinent links between Geplog and the particular needs of your profession.

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