Founded on Oracle technologies, which are known for their reliability, Geplog contributes to the security of your company's IT environment.  This strategic choice translates into an unparalleled level of expertise, in both database administration and the exploitation of the Oracle development tools.


Geplog's technological environment guarantees secure and high performance geographic accessibility.  This architectural model separates the presentation, treatment and storage of company data.  Perfectly secure, it permits optimal access performance at any moment and co-exists naturally with classical client/server solutions.


Liberated from all geographical constraints, you dialogue and manage in real time between distant sites.  The high level opening of the thin client architecture complements your company's external development strategies.


Your activity is evolving in a technological environment organized around new information systems:  e-business and intranet are part of your entrepreneurial investigations.  In this innovative context, Gepix accompanies your winning internet strategies.


The access control for all types of users (company personnel, client, supplier) reinforces the security of your information system.  The continuity of your company activity is assured by the replication of all data managed by Geplog.

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